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IC-7100 Setup
Last Updated 6 months ago

See IC-7100 manual Page 1-14

There are several methods that can be used for setting up the IC-7100 with HRD.

The first is using the CI-V port on the back of the radio for Rig Control.
This requires a cable with a serial connection to the computer on one end and a 3.5mm monaural phono plug on the radio end.

The computer end can either be connected to an RS-232 Serial board in the computer or to a USB/Serial adapter connected to a USB port on the computer.
This connection gives you the Rig Control connection.

If you plan on running Digital Modes using the above method or Rig Control, additional hardware will be needed.
An Audio interface or external soundcard interface, such as the SignaLink will be needed for digital audio between the computer and the radio.

A second method which gives both Rig Control AND Digital Audio is to use the USB connection on the back of the radio directly to a USB connection on the computer.

This method requires installing a driver, which you can download from the Icom website at

You need to read the instructions carefully for installing the driver.
Installing it incorrectly can create some issues.

Once the driver is installed correctly and the radio is connected to the computer, make the Set Mode adjustments as indicated below.

See IC-7100 manual Page 6-8

Radio Menu Settings:

CI-V Baud Rate: Set to 4800 Bps

HRD Rig Connect Screen

Once you have everything set as indicated in the image above, click the "Connect" button and HRD will start checking ports until it finds the proper port the radio is on.
Once this is accomplished, the HRD Rig Control screen will appear on your screen.

If you have followed our instructions and have problems connecting to your IC-7100,
please contact HRD support for additional assistance.

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